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1991 944 S-2 coupe, Grey/grey, 85k.miles

These second generation 944's were truly outstanding cars. Built with the turbo body work, brakes and suspension, and the new 3.0 liter 16 valve engine, their power was stronger at low to mid range than the turbo cars. This made them all around better performers on the street and short tracks than the turbos. Also, they were mated to the turbo 5 speed transaxle, which turned out to be the perfect gearing for this motor. In fact when they came out with the more powerfull 968 in 92, it's 6 speed trans, had a first gear that wound up so quick, that you wouldn't bother accelerating until you got to second. Of course the 6th gear many 968 drivers even forgot they had! Anyway, its become quite the cult car, as its very quick, balanced, and powerful in the real world. Besides that, they only made 1,929 for the USA over its 3 year run, and just 562 of 'em in its last year, 1991!
Ordered with Locking Differential,leather seats, leather wheel, leather shift knob, climate control A/C, electric tilt/removable sunroof, Cruise Control, Rear Wiper,Design 90 light alloy wheels, fully tinted glass, power/heated side mirrors, power drivers seat, stereo upgraded to CD, metallic paint, Drivers and Passengers Air Bag, Leather steering wheel(363mm), High amp Battery/Alt. and factory custom seat piping.
This particular example, has been very well serviced. The belts and pump have only 20k., the clutch, ball joints, and motor mounts & tires have just been done, and the A/C has been converted to r-134a, tires are new, its inspected, and emission certified, and ready for a new home!