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1989 944 TURBO S, 59k miles, Outstanding condition

In late 1988 Porsche discovered quite a few parts in stock from the European 944 Cup Series Race cars, and created the Turbo S model. Built with the Turbo Cup race program engine, boasting a larger turbo, higher boost and reworked DME, they also came with an external oil cooler. These engines were hand built in Zuffenhausen, and bench tested for 30 minutes, before installation. The suspension, was no less the M-030 Sport suspension, with adjustable Sport Bilstein's, larger 25.5mm front and 18mm rear sway bars, and sport suspension bushings. The transaxle, was the race version 5-speed, with the M-220 40% locking differential, with its own oil cooler. Brakes were right off the 928 S-4, ventilated rotors with 4 piston calipers, and hooked up to the most advanced generation Bosch ABS. They also were built with a larger 63 amp/hr battery, 1.4 KW starter,7x16 & 9x16 forged alloys, dual airbags, and a Blaupunkt 100 watt stereo system with 10 speakers, Bosch fog lights, tinted glass all around, power drivers seat, heated power mirrors, 4 spoke leather sport wheel, and a factory installed alarm system.
The first run of 1,000 world wide in 1988 were all built in Silver Rose metallic (can you say fuchsia?), with a burgundy/pink/silver plaid cloth interior, that was not too well received here in the USA. We managed to sell about 339 of them...I can remember being at the factory back then, and in speaking with one of the Weissach engineers, I commented on the difficulty in selling these rather wild interior cars....His reply..."You silly Americans have so much time to look at your interior at 55 miles per hour".
Well, after force feeding these Silver-Rose cars to our customers as "Limited Editions," Porsche announced to us that we could now order the turbo S until years end in any color combination we wanted! That took the total to about 715 US cars... And, we were told again, they would be the last of the 944s period...Well once again, and for whatever reason, they built them again in 1989! This time, they were not available as regular turbos, only as Turbo S's, but without the "S" badging, and in any color combination. That run was about 1,200 for the USA.
This one, is one of the last 944 turbo S's ever built! One of about 1,915 total US cars built...They were considered quite the bargain...Car & Driver called it "A Bargain at $48,350." Motor Trend said, "The S is for Sizzle!", and Car & Driver stated, " Spielzueg the S if for Super! They ate Ferrari's for breakfast, Corvettes for Lunch, and Porsche's own 930 turbo for Dinner!
With values of other Impact Bumper era Porsches selling for well over their original MSRP today, these special Turbos should catch up pretty soon!

Delivered new to Dick Bigelow Porsche in Ohio, it was built in Alpine white with black interior, the optional CD player, and partial leather seats...MSRP was $46,753...Not bad for a car considered the worlds fastest 4 cylinder production car.
This example has been garaged, and exceptionally well maintained since new, with a well documented service history! Upgraded to Porsche turbo twist 17" alloys, and a modern radio. Complete with tool kit, jack, spare tire, air compressor, touch up paint, plastic gloves, jack, and original window sticker, it is ready for show or go!

We were surprised that a few people are still confused about the 1989 944 turbo "S", So we added the 3 page showroom aid designed by PCNA, and given to Porsche sales people. Clearly, for 1989 they took all the options that made the 1988 turbo S an S, and made them standard equipment on the 1989 944 turbo. So, an S is an S, weather they choose to badge it as such. Either way, the 1989 944 turbo is the fastest, best performing, and most advanced turbo S 944 ever built! ...And the last.