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1974 BMW 3.0 CSi coupe, 5-speed, A/C, Spectauclar example!

This Fjord metallic coupe was built November 11, 1973, and delivered to its first owner in Verona Italy, where, according to its document file, traveled 120k. kilometers when its engine was replaced by a factory new unit, in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1982. It was later imported to the USA, and presently shows 166,231km. or about 103k miles. Over the years, it has been maintained, more than "restored"...Having its first repaint in 2007, they checked everywhere for any rust issues, only to find a few surface rust areas which were properly sanded, sealed, and refinished. There are some pictures below of when they removed the notorious "tar paper" from the engine compartment to check there as well...Only to find nothing. Updated to a 5 speed transmission, modern BBS wheels, headers with a proper sounding muffler, larger radiator, custom Italian made sport leather seats, hidden stereo CD w/ amplifier, with remote, and driving lamps. Of course, all of the original parts come along with a full set of factory service books!
Truly a most elegant example of BMW's most iconic coupe! We have just had a PPI completed by Heistand Automotive...They converted the air conditioning system to r-134a, replaced the drier, and blower switch, and gave it a clean bill of health! Now you can be cool driving the coolest BMW coupe through the upcoming and well deserved warm weather! John