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1970 GT-3 / GTS5 Race Car SOLD

Professionally built from Sept 2004 thru March 2005, starting with an extremely solid, well documented, 2 owner Conda green car, serial # 9110100931. Used first as a DE car while the driver could gain experience and license, then upgraded to full SCCA GT-2 specs for 2006-2007, where it ran with the pack and earned #1 for 2007 in Final Point Standings. In 2008 after an engine rebuild and further upgrades it competed in NASA Mid Atlantic where it completed 4 events thru 2008.
Over 100k spent to build.
Retired in 2009 with 30 hours on the motor, as its drivers focus turned to marital affairs. Put in storage, hoping to return each year, but alas, life sometimes gets in the way! I rescued it in the spring of 2016 with hope of running VIR and Summit,having our local guru go over the car to prepare it for the season...Full service, tech inspection, new rubber, alignment, and corner weighting..But shortly thereafter, medical conditions precluded me from racing...But not before being able to run a few AX's to dial it in.
Here are the specs:
ENGINE: 3.5 liter built from a 3.0 case, MAHLE pistons and cylinders, Carrillo rods, flowed heads, 3.3 Turbo crank, Web cams, blue printed, PMO 50's, Electromotive crank fire w/ adj. timing, plumbed with Aeroquip fuel & oil lines, hi capacity oil tank and cooler. Dyno certified @ 278hp @ 6800, Torque 240 @ 6850, with max revs at 7800.,br> TRANSMISSION: 1980 915 trans, rebuilt with 930 style syncro's on 3rd & 4th, Limited Slip diff, Wevo shift gate & shifter, new clutch lit in 2016. Type 915/63 8:31 R & P, With AZ (3.183) HW (1.778) NT (1.261) QQ (1) SN (o.814) gears.
CHASSIS: Modified front strut towers with caster/camber plates, and 935 style rear spring blades,Tubular torsion bar suspension with spindle height adjustable FOX shocks, w/ remote reservoirs, Smart Racing F & R sway bars,, all Mono-ball pivot points. BRAKES: Brembo 993 twin turbo calipers/rotors F & R, with Aluminum rear control arms, 23mm master cylinder, manual bias adjuster, Pagid pads.
STEERING: 930 steering rack and tie rods, Momo wheel with quick release. WHEELS: Two sets of wheels...FIKSE FM10 18"wheels front and back with Hoosiers, another set with Hoosier rains. The 17" fuchs shown are repro's and are not included.br> BODY: Fiberglass hood, front fenders, front spoiler, splitter, and doors. Rear fenders and bumper are removable for service. Rear 3.8 RS fiberglass engine lid with carbon fiber GT-3 wing. Lightweight braced rear and quarter windows, glass windshield, Piper Motorsports 1.50 full roll cage (Weight 2400lb. with driver)
FUEL: 22 gallon ATL fuel cell, plumbed with Aeroquip lines, adjustable fuel pressure, PMO 50's with rain hats. Full FIRE SYSTEM w/ 5 lb bottle, with nozzles in front, interior, and engine area.
INTERIOR: OMP seat with back pillow, New CROW 5-point belts, window net, Red top battery, camera mount, Pro-Comp 10k tach with memory, ATL fuel gauge, OE oil pressure/ temp gauge, head temp gauge with power on indicator light. Ignition, fuel pump and starter switch panel...Original dash top and glove box!
Freshly serviced and Tech Inspected. Belts, in date Fire bottle charged, Fresh PPI by a top race shop...Add your tires, and It's ready to go!