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1965 Austin Healey 3000 MK3 BJ8, 50,800 original miles!

1965 Austin Healey
Same local owner last 36 years!  Ordered in Classic British Racing Green, with black/gold trimmed interior, wire wheels, 4-speed with overdrive, telescoping Banjo steering wheel, full tonneau cover, wood veneer dash, and am-fm stereo.
Updated with a full stainless steel exhaust at 49k. miles.
This unrestored example has been religiously maintained over the years, and was refinished about 40 years ago. The paint is bright and shinny, with patina as one would expect on a 55 year old car. A very solid driver with only minor surface oxidation where the paint has worn off the chassis.

1965 Austin Healey 3000 MK3 BJ*

VIN#   HBJ8L31205


ENG # 5859

BODY # 76076

Color BRG


Delivered new to it’s first owner in Pennsylvania 05/24/1965

Service records include;


03/05/1984            43,515                        Sold by Henry Mearig, Lancaster PA

10/15/1997                                               OFI, full tune up            European Imports

11/06/1998            45,429                        O/F/I                                    European Imports

10/05/1990            44,795                        Oil/filter/Inspect            Lebzelters, Millersville, PA

11/04/1999            45,489                        O/F/I, clutch slave             European Imports

04/23-2001            45,526                        O/F/I, shift boot            European Imports

04/20/2002            45,572                        O/F/I                                    European Imports           

04/24/2003            45,652                        O/F/I, waffles                        European Imports

04/17/2004            45,841                        Inspect                        European Imports

09/20/2004                                               OC, hoses,thermo            European Imports

05/25/2005            46,196                        OFI, brake booster            European Imports

05/04/2006            46,476                        O/F/I, tune up            European Imports

05/12/2007            46,998                        O/F/I                                    European Imports

05/14/2008            47,341                        O/F/I                                    European Imports

05/20/2009            47,952                        O/F/I                                    European Imports

05/20/2010            48,108                        Oil/filter/Inspect            European Imports

06/20/2012            48,482                        Oil/filter/Inspect            European Imports

06/19/2013            49,022                        OFI, Full S/S exhaust            European Imports

06/25/2015            49,315                        O/F/I, wheel cyl            European Imports

06/21/2016            49,824                        OFL, Cao/Rotor

09/21/2016                                              Plugs, rotor,timing            European Imports

06/07/2017                                              Clutch slave cyl.            European Imports

06/22/2017            50,049                        O/F/I                                    European Imports

06/14/2019            50,499                        O/F/I                                    European Imports

02/18/2020            50,757                        Purchase                        AIC AUTOS