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1957 Speedster repro, 8,600k miles! Meticulously kept. SOLD

With Porsche Speedsters routinely selling for several hundred thousand these days, it makes sense to park your original, and drive a copy! Especially when anyone other than the most knowledgeable Porsche enthusiasts can't tell the difference anyway!

Keep in mind though, that this is not your run of the mill Vintage Speedster! The previous owner was himself a very knowlegable Porsche enthusiast, who spent much time and effort getting this car to look the part, and drive even better than the original!
In fact, a few years back, this car received the Peoples Choice Award at a sanctioned Porsche Club car show! Yes,...Some members were a bit embarrassed when they found out. But hey, it was all in fun!
It all started with a turnkey 2003 Vintage Speedster, long considered the benchmark of the Industry. Built using an authentic 1960 VW pan, it was restored, shortened, then reinforced, by jig welding a 2x4 inch 11 gauge steel frame. This creates a very rigid structure, which retains the original VW pan, designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, and integrates the largest frame possible. In addition, the steering wheel is offset slightly, just as an original speedster. Titled as a 1960 VW, it's eligible for vintage/classic registration in almost every state, so no emission worries!

It was then outfitted with a massive heavy-duty Porsche 2.0 Type IV aluminum engine...2100cc Piston/Cylinders, matched to a performance street cam that idles well, and pulls to 6,500 RPM, then the crank, rods and pistons were balanced to perfection. An electric fuel pump feeds a well synchronized and properly jetted Dual Weber carb set up. Reliably sparked with a Mallory electronic ignition, and cooled by Jake Raby's DTM engine cooling system, with an oil cooler integrated into the fan shroud. The custom 4 speed transmission was further reinforced by Raby's, and matched with proper gearing for the modified Type IV engine. Unlike most Speedster recreations with their anemic 1600cc VW motors and stock VW gearing this motor has the power and torque to embarrass many sports cars!

She handles well with the addition of a new factory steering gearbox, additional caster shims to space the front wheels out a bit, and a proper 4 wheel alignment and corner weighting. Rest assured this car runs, rides, and handles better than every speedster I have come across. As for looks.....Well, its top on that list too!

Optioned with high quality silver metallic paint, authentic Nardi wood wheel, correct size and color factory wheels and tires, moon hubcaps with Wolfsburg enameled crest, full tonneau cover, matching boot cover, Sonnenland speedster top with matching side curtains, carpeted trunk, correct speedster and 1600 super emblems, correct side deco trim, horn grills, and bumper deco trim.

You can buy a brand new Vintage Speedster today with these options for about thirty grand...Then pay to have it shipped in from California ($2,000), Paint it ($5,000) Then build and install a modified Type IV engine ($7,000), a Jake Raby transaxle ($4,500) and copy this suspension set up ($2,000.0 Oh, and don't forget the labor (5,000) for a total of Fifty Five Grand + ... Or just buy this one! Go ahead...Have some fun!