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1972 Porsche 914

-6 GT3R Race, Autocross, Hillclimb
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F6 3.2L
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This 1972 3.2 liter 914 Race Car was built to run PCA GT-3R on the West Coast. Raced just 25 hours from 2014-2017, its new owner has only Autocrossed it here on the East Coast a few times. Thoroughly serviced-up for a AX, Hillclimb, or Track events, this Race care comes with a Title, SCCA Log Books, and an officiously documented build history. The 3.2 liter (# 64j04428, 930/25) was sourced from an 88 911 Carrera, Motronic Injection, Hydraulic Tensioners, a six-puck ceramic clutch disc, Bursch exhaust headers, and glass-pack mufflers. Hooked up to a *beefed up and regeared (details below) 901 5 speed trans with a Quaife Limited Slip Differential. The body was prepared on a rotisserie, stripped to bare metal, with all the best engineered *body and suspension reinforcements (details below) and seam welded especially at pickup points. Suspension consists of dropped front spindles with gusseted mounting points, adjustable Koni coil-over sport shocks, 930 axles and CV joints, 911 SC hubs and brakes, Tilton brake bias adjuster. Front and rear fenders and front nose/splitter/spoiler are removable for service with Dzus fasteners. Equipped with an adjustable rear spoiler, removable roof panel, side skirts and front spoiler/splitter. Adjustable front sway bar, 17” Fooks 9” alloys are mounted with 245 front and 275 Hoosiers on the rear. An Earl’s oil cooler is mounted at the nose of the car, and additional equipment includes a three-gallon oil tank, a 16-gallon fuel cell, and an hour meter showing 27 hours. Wet and with about 10 gal of fuel, it weighs 1880 lb. Lap times at Willow Springs (Big Willow) were typically in the 1:35s. First, the chassis has been seam-welded with special attention given to suspension pickup points. In addition, when modifying the front shock tubes, the original 914 units were replaced with units with larger pinch clamps for the ball joints and gussets were added to support the spindles. A small brace was also added to the sway bar attachment point on the lower control arm. Finally, bracing tubes were run from the top of the shock towers to the roll cage. Load at the shock tower is spread with a box section. The rear suspension support areas were seam-welded as noted above. In addition to this, the inner trailing arm mounts have been strengthened with weld-on plates, and force distribution tubes have been run forward to the firewall where there are supported on both inner and outer firewall panels. These tubes are removable to facilitate engine removal. The outer trailing arms have weld-on plates on the outside which contain studs for mounting support rods running forward to the chassis. The rods are adjustable to allow setting rear camber and toe. Finally, the shock towers have been strengthened with weld-on plates and support tubes have been run forward to the roll cage. Additional support tubes have been run rearward to the cross member just above the transaxle mounts. Transmission Gearing: As noted, 2nd, 3r and 4th gear ratios have been altered from stock. Stock gearing was: 2nd, 1.889 ( “F” gears), 3rd, 1.261 (“N” gears) and 4th, 0.926 (“V” gears). The current gearing is: 2nd, 1.409 (“KA” gears), 3rd, 1.080 (“R” gears) and 4th, 0.857 (“X” gears). First gear is 3.091 (“A” gear set) and 5th is 0.710 (“ZD” gear set). The new gearing creates a closer ratio arrangement for 2nd through 5th in exchange for a larger jump from 1st to 2nd. This works great on the track. Cases have been drilled for oil cooling, and a billet intermediate plate and a steel bearing support have been installed. Many spare parts are included...Brake pads, fuel pump, air, oil and fuel filters, starter, clutch, springs, misc small fittings and tools, wheel bearings, rod ends, brake reservoir, brake switch, AFC control, Service manuals, Electrical diagrams, most every receipt and a memory stick documenting the build with all technical specs. Check out the video...This car at 7 and 8:45 minute mark of the 2022 Coates

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