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Buying A Car

You can have complete confidence in your Porsches originality and integrity when you buy from AIC Autos.
At AIC, we feel that the quality and integrity of the body and paint are just as important as the mechanicals, and we perform the necessary inspections, or repairs to assure this. Through this process, we are certain that your Porsche will live up to your expectations, now, and in the future. Here’s what we do...
50-Point Mechanical Inspection

We have an independent service center perform a 50-Point Mechanical Inspection on each and every Porsche. The mechanic understands the “planned obsolescence” of the critical wear parts on your Porsche, as he too is a specialist. His goal is to make sure that all serviceable items are up to date, and verify proper operation of every system on the car, or repair/replace it! This philosophy is carried out with the engine, transmission, clutch, brake rotors, brake pads, all four tires, oil, and filter changes, tune up, valve adjustments, etc. They are especially diligent to assure a leak free engine, by replacing gaskets, and oil lines at the “weeping” stage, before they leak! They also check out and update air conditioning and heating systems as needed.

30-Point Cosmetic Inspection

Our 30-Point Body & Paint Inspection is truly rare in the industry, encompassing not only structural integrity, but paint quality as well! We do not sell Porsches that have been compromised, or had any frame damage, or have salvage, reconstructed, or flood title, period. We will go over each and every panel of your Porsche with you. We insist that you know the exact quality and integrity of your Porsche!

Carfax and Autocheck Certification

All of our cars have been certified by Carfax, and or Autocheck. This is an accepted and reliable source of verification of title history and mileage, but in itself, is not a perfect system. The reports alone do not guarantee that the vehicle is accident free, or guarantee repaint history, they only guarantee the title history. What is required is someone with an acute knowledge of the cars body assembly and paint specifications to assure the integrity of each and every panel on the car, and we address this with our thorough 30 Point Body & Paint Inspection.

Certificate of Authenticity

Our Certificate of Authenticity is provided on most every vehicle. We verify model number, body and chassis number, vehicle identification number, engine number, exact option codes, paint and interior color codes, and any dealer, or previous owner installed options. We also endeavor to provide a complete service history with each and every vehicle. This includes service and maintenance books, owner’s manual, original delivery inspection from the Porsche dealer, and any and all service records kept by the previous owner. Most of our vehicles have had rather obsessive owners who have taken much pride in maintaining the service records with the car. They range from officially date filed and laminated service records, bound into notebooks, color coded to the car… ; - ), to just a few important receipts. Either way, our experience, combined with a complete cosmetic, mechanical inspection, and vehicle certification will assure the quality of every AIC Porsche.

Enclosed Shipping

We can arrange fully insured and enclosed shipping right to your door, and in a very timely manner. We recommend Intercity Lines, exclusive transporters of finer automobiles. They are our exclusive transporter, and with over 30 trucks on the road, they can get your car there quickly, and safely! Click on their link for details, or ask us for a quote direct to your door!

Prices Consistent With Vehicle Quality

A word about our prices! I truly believe that we maintain the lowest prices consistent with vehicle quality! Many dealers overprice their cars to allow for negotiating games, or under price as bait. Several don’t even list their prices, let alone the complete accurate and honest descriptions. Just ask yourself, if a dealer easily negotiates price to give you the illusion of saving money, then for whom was the original price intended? Why are they afraid to even list their prices?

Answer - They sell price. WE sell quality!

We would much rather spend money servicing the car, than sell a sub-standard car just to show a cheap price. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t perhaps a little room for gentlemanly negotiating, just simply that; If you think we are “on the wrong page”, with our pricing, then, please, “don’t bother opening the book”.

Want to see what AIC has sold over the past 5 years? Check out our old inventory pages with the Wayback Machine!

National Porsche Club Members

We have sold our fine pre-owned Porsches to movie stars, sports celebrities, business professionals, collectors and enthusiast customers in almost every State! We truly appreciate the trust and confidence that our customers have put in us. Perhaps that’s why we have sold several cars to many of them!

This experience has enabled us to recommend a future service facility for your car. Should we not know the right one in your area today, we have the connections to find it! Be it through the Porsche Club, or our network of loyal friends, customers, enthusiasts, or mechanical shops throughout the U.S.

Simplified Title and Registration

As a licensed Pennsylvania dealer, we have all of the necessary forms on hand to register your car. We also have a Notary Public on hand to certify and prepare the title for registration here, or any State. For out of State customers, we provide a temporary transit license plate, which allows you 30-days driving time before needing to register your car at home. Your purchase is only taxed by your home State when you choose to register your car.

Easy Financing

Fund your Classic Porsche purchase quickly and efficiently with Hassle Free Financing that has competitive rates and unbelievable speed!

No Salespeople

You can rely on John Witmer's 40+ years of Porsche experience to guide you in the purchase or sale of your special car. There is not one commissioned salesperson here! At AIC, you’ll work with directly with the owner, John Witmer, who hand picked the car, certified it’s authenticity, history, structural and mechanical integrity, and value! So, take your time, check out the many FAQ’s on the web site, and read all about us, and, the car you select. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll be here to help acquire the right car for you!